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My Name is Chanaka Ekanayake, usually known as ‘Chan’ amongst my friends & colleagues. I’m the head of the Hybrid Cloud technical Pre-Sales team here at Insight UK as well as the Hybrid Cloud technology lead for our UK business. There I lead a team full of technical presales solutions architects, presales consultants as well as a number of technical delivery resources (Architects and Consultants) specialized in various Public & Private Cloud, Datacentre technologies.

I have over 14 years of hands on IT consultancy and various technology strategy and leadership experience in the field. Technology is my passion and I dedicate all my time outside of work that is not spent with family (or playing cricket for my club during the summer) on new technologies and being able to understand their true business value.  I am a big proponent of SDx (Software Defined everything) which I’ve always believed would be the future of enterprise IT and therefore naturally would be giving lot more attention to in terms of the contents I post here.

I have worked and continue to work with many enterprise technology vendors and their products and have collected few certifications along the way. Some of the key ones I have include,

  • VMWare: vExpert 2014-2017, NSX vExpert 2016, 2017, vSAN vExpert 2017, VCAP5-DCD, VCP5, VCP4, VTSP (Management), VTSP (Hybrid Cloud), VTSP (Network Virtualisation)
  • Microsoft: MCSE, MCSA, MCP
  • Others: CommVault, EMC Velocity SE, BSc (Hons) Computer Sc, AWS

Despite the primarily management & leadership nature of my role, I very much tend to keep myself involved (hands-on) with the technologies that my team works with. Despite this being a little hard, and somewhat impossible at times, I find its extremely rewarding and keeps me honest. It also comes handy especially when working with other management level decision makers who often do not understand technology at their core.

I tend to be quite active within the technology community and I can be contacted using the details below.

admin@chansblog.com / chanaka.ekanayake@insight.com / +447920104072

Cognitive, Management & Leadership Profile

For those of who are interested in my cognitive assessment & my leadership style, given below are my profiles, as measured by 2 separate industry leading leadership assessment providers.

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I’ve started this blog site with two primary aims, mainly to use this as a knowledge gathering portal for my own use going forward as well as to contribute back to the technical community. You are welcome to contribute to the contents also, via comments or if you’d like to list something of your own, do feel free to get in touch. I would be happy to post your articles with a reference out to you if I think its good.

The focus of this this site is all things technical, but I may occassionally focus only the business value and messaging related to that in my posts, simply because I believe once you’ve looked past the cool factor of new tech, if theres no credible business value proposition, most technologies tend to die off.

I don’t get paid to blog or promote anyone’s technologies in my blog. I write what I think and what I reasonably believe about technologies that are of interest to me. They are purely my own thoughts that I will put down on my own will, irrespective of my employers relationship with some of those vendors as a solutions provider and a value added reseller.

From time to time, I may get invited to attend various vendor and industry events as an attendee or a delegate to see, review and express my views on various products & solutions as an independant thought leader within the community. Over the years, I’ve attended events such as VMworld, Cisco Live, NetApp Insight, various Microsoft events, AWS events, Tech Field Day events…etc. and usually either my employer or the event organisers pay for the associated costs which is the standard practise. However I am not incetivised direct or indirect, to blog or promote their technologies. As such, any posts written subsequent to those events would entirely be at my own pleasure / free will.



One thought on “About me”

  1. Hi Chankya,

    I really appreciate your efforts in this blog.
    I am looking forward to get training , if you can provide.
    I have done NSX:ICM course , still i have many queries.
    I am in US , and currently in my project NSX is already deployed by implementation team.
    I have to do microsegmentation and other things in coming months.

    Let me know if you have couple of hours on weekends , let me know the fee also.

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