Tech Field Day 17

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Tech Field Day 17

Having attended the Storage Field Day 15 back in March, I’ve been lucky enough to be invited to also attend not only Tech Field Day 17 but also the Tech Field Day Extra at NetApp Insight 2018 (US) too this month. This post is a quick intro about the event and the schedules ahead.

Watch LIVE!

Below is the live streaming link to the event on the day if you’d like to join us LIVE. While the time difference might make it a little tricky for some, it is well worth taking part in as all the viewers will also have the chance to ask questions from the vendors live, similar to the delegates onset. Just do it, you won’t be disappointed!

TFD – Quick Introduction!

Tech Field Day is a an invitees only series of events organised and hosted by Gestalt IT ( to bring together innovative technology solutions from various vendors (The “Sponsors”) who will be presenting their solutions to a room full of independent technology bloggers and thought leaders (The “delegates”), chosen from around the world based on their knowledge, community profile and thought leadership, in order to get their independent thoughts (good or bad) of the said solutions. The event is also streamed live worldwide for anyone to tune in to and is often used by various technology start-ups to announce their arrival to the mainstream markets. It’s organised by the chief organiser Stephen Foskett (@Sfoskett) and has always been an extremely popular event amongst the vendors as it provides an ideal opportunity for them to present their new products and solutions as well as new start-ups coming out of stealth announcing their wares to the world. It is equally popular amongst the attending delegates who gets the opportunity, not only to witness brand new technology at times, but also be able to critique and express their valuable feedback in front of these vendors.

TFD17 – Schedule & Vendor line-up

SFD15 is due to take place in the Silicon Valley between the 17-19th of October 2018. The planned vendor line up and timing are as follows

Wednesday the 17th of October

1pm-3pm (9-11pm UK time)

Thursday the 18th of October

8am-10am (4-6pm UK time) 11am-1pm (7-9pm UK time) 3-5pm (11pm-1am* UK time)

Friday 19th of October

11am-1pm (7-9pm UK time)

TFD Extra – Schedule TBC (NetApp Insight 2018 US)

  • Monday the 22nd of October:
    • NetApp Insight general events
  • Tuesday the 23rd of October:
    • 8:30-10am Vegas time / 4:30-6pm UK time : General session keynote
    • Morning: Analysts summit general session
    • Afternoon: TFD Extra session
  • Wednesday the 24th of October:
    • 8:30-10am Vegas time / 4:30-6pm UK time : General session
    • Morning: TFD Extra session
    • Afternoon: TFD Extra session

Previous Field Day event Posts

I’ve learnt a lot during the previous SFD15 participation earlier this year about the storage industry in general as well about the direction of a number of storage vendors. If you are interested in finding out more, see my #SFD15 articles below


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