VMware VSAN 2016 Future Annoucements

I’ve just attended the VMware Online Technology Forum (#VMwareOTF) and thought I’d share few really interesting announcements I noticed from there around the future of VSAN in 2016.

Good news, some really great enterprise scale features are being added to VSAN which is aimed for release in Q1 FY16 (along with the next vSphere upgrade release). Really good news… Beta is now live (Apply at http://vmware.com/go/vsan6beta) but unless you have All Flash VSAN hardware, unlikely to qualify.

Given below are the key highlight features likely going to be available with the next release

  • RAID-5 and RAID-6 over the network – Cool….!!



  • Inline De-duplication / Compression along with Checksum capabilities coming




  • VSAN for Object Storage (read more on Duncan Epping’s page here)

Future-Object Storage


  • VSAN for External Storage – Virtual Disks natively presented on external Storage



Great news. Looks like an already great product is going to get even greater…!!

Slide credits go to VMware & the legendary Duncan Epping (@DuncanYB)…..