VMware NSX vExpert 2016


Its been a while since I’ve managed to post anything due to various reasons but most of them revolved around being just too busy. Anyhow I’m planning to change that with some new exciting posts over the next few weeks & months, starting with this one, which was a little overdue.

On Friday the 17th of June, I was notified by VMware that I have been selected as one of the first ever NSX vExperts (there’s only 115 in total globally). NSX vExpert program is a sub program off the general VMware vExpert program (their global evangelism and advocacy program) which has now been running for some years (I’ve been a vExpert in 2014 and again in 2016). The NSX vExpert program is however quite new, only started this year for the first time. VMware have only picked the NSX vExperts from the current pool of general vExperts and to be short listed within those 115 people is quite an honour.

As a part of the NSX vExperts program, we are entitled to a number of benefits such as NFR license keys for full NSX suite, access to NSX product management, exclusive webinars & NDA meetings, access to preview builds of the new software and also get a chance to provide feedback to the product management team on behalf of our clients which is great.

NSX is a truly great product that lets you bring the operational model of the VM to your network in order to maximise its utilisation while increasing the efficiency by many-folds and lots of customers who are looking at automation and operation in their data center are looking at NSX as the software layer to underpin all such requirements. New functionalities keep coming with each new version, and I’m sure that will keep all of us NSX vExperts quite busy for the foreseeable future.



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