A great VMware EUC book – Mastering VMware Horizon 6

I attended a VMware EUC workshop not long ago and came across this great book called “Mastering VMware Horizon 6”  by Peter von Oven at VMware (Peter is the Manager of the Systems Engineering team in VMware UK so he knows his stuff). I’ve had a quick look at it seems like a great read for anyone wanting to learn more about VMware Horizon 6 platform. (If you are an EUC consultant covering VMware’s EUC portfolio, this is a must read). While it focuses primarily on the Horizon 6 and Horizon View 6, there are also introductions to 2 of the coolest new additions to the EUC platform  from VMware, App volumes (came from the cloud volumes acquisition VMware did a while ago) and VSAN for VDI which is a great use case for VSAN in the enterprise.

The book covers the following topics.

  • Introduction to VMware Horizon 6
  • An overview of Horizon View Architecture and its components
  • Design & deployment considerations
  • Installing and configuring Horizon View
  • Securing Horizon View with SSL
  • Building and Optimizing the desktop OS
  • Managing and configuring desktop pools
  • Fine tuning the end user experience
  • Managing the user profiles with View Personal Management
  • Delivering remote applications with Horizons advanced
  • Delivering session based desktops with Horizon View
  • View client options
  • Upgrading to Horizon View 6
  • Horizon view 6 Advanced Edition
  • Introduction to App volumes
  • Introduction to VSAN for VDI
  • Troubleshooting

Its available to buy via https://www.packtpub.com/virtualization-and-cloud/mastering-vmware-horizon-60 which is available as an eBook as well as printed (and both). I have an  exclusive discount code if you order it before the 16th of May: MVH25 which offers 25% off the standard price.  I believe its also available on Amazon too.