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My Name is Chan Ekanayake, and I am a seasoned technologist & business leader with over 15+ years of Enterprise Technology, Technology strategy, Technology sales and Technology leadership expertise across various business environments.

Technology is my passion and take a special interest in Software Defined Technologies over the others.  I’ve always believed SDx would be the future of enterprise IT & therefore naturally would be giving lot more attention to in terms of the contents I post here.

I tend to be quite active within the technology community and typically take part in most of the key vendor events throughout the year. I am also fortunate enough to be a part of the Tech Field Day delegate community for my good friend Stephen Foskett.

Cognitive, Personality & Leadership Profile

For those of who are interested in my cognitive, personality and leadership skills, given below are my profile reports as measured by 2 separate industry leading personality assessment providers.

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I’ve started this blog site with two primary aims, mainly to use this as a knowledge gathering portal for my own use going forward as well as to contribute back to the community.

I don’t tend to do paid blogs or promote anyone’s technologies in my blog for financial gain. I write what I think based often on my own first hand experience and where its not possible, based on tangible evidence or facts available from other sources. They are purely my own thoughts that I will put down on my own will, irrespective of my employer’s relationship with some of those vendors / Partners.



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  1. Hi Chankya,

    I really appreciate your efforts in this blog.
    I am looking forward to get training , if you can provide.
    I have done NSX:ICM course , still i have many queries.
    I am in US , and currently in my project NSX is already deployed by implementation team.
    I have to do microsegmentation and other things in coming months.

    Let me know if you have couple of hours on weekends , let me know the fee also.

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