VMware NSX

NSX is the Network virtualisation platform provided by VMware for their Software Defined Data Center. There seems to be a lot of interest in NSX of late in the enterprise, especially in light of the similar solution offering from Cisco (ACI) causing software Defined Networking (SDN) to pick up huge traction . As such, I’ve decided to post a number of articles about NSX over the coming weeks, starting from a brief introduction to a step by step deployment guide, provided in the typical order of field deployment to help get started (and for my own benefit going forward).

I will be adding the links below as and when the posts are added for each step involved.

  1. Brief introduction to NSX
  2. How to gain access to NSX media
  3. NSX Manager – Architecture & Deployment
  4. NSX Control cluster – Architecture & Deployment
  5. NSX Logical Switch Networks & VXLAN overlay networks
  6. NSX Distributed Logical Router
  7. NSX Layer 2 Bridging
  8. NSX Edge Services Gateway


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